WFP:15 million Afghans have to sleep hungry every night

18 Sep 2023
2 Minutes
WFP:15 million Afghans have to sleep hungry every night

The World Food Organization (WFP) has announced by publishing a report that war, bad economic conditions and climate change have had an adverse effect on the lives of Afghan citizens and have forced 15 million Afghans to go to bed hungry every night.

In the continuation of this report published on the X social network, it is stated that the World Food Organization was forced to remove two million people in need who are facing hunger from the list of food aid in September of this year.  And due to the lack of funds to distribute humanitarian aid, it will also stop its aid to millions of Afghans in need.

This is despite the fact that after imposing restrictions on aid agencies in Afghanistan, international aid has decreased and the number of people in need of humanitarian aid has increased more than ever before.

Reza is one of the peddlers who is responsible for a family of eight people, but due to not having enough income, he is unable to meet the needs of his family.

He says: “I sell hand-me-downs on the side of the road from morning to dinner, but my sales are enough to buy dry bread. Sometimes we went to bed hungry at night.”  Before, at least we were helped, but now no one cares about us poor people.

According to the statistics of international organizations, more than 28 million Afghans need immediate humanitarian aid, but they cannot provide aid to all needy families due to budget cuts.

Simagel is a poor woman who is the head of her family and has lost her husband for three years.

She says: “She lost my husband three years ago.  Due to the economic problems and the compulsion we had, my daughter got married at the age of 16 and her husband was martyred some time ago because he was a soldier, and after his martyrdom, my daughter became crazy and the responsibility of her children remained on my shoulders.  but the situation has become so difficult that sometimes I have no income, I can’t even find bread to eat.”

This is despite the fact that after the fall of the government in Afghanistan, poverty and unemployment and the economic problems of the people have reached their peak and after the cutoff and reduction of international aid, the number of people in need of humanitarian aid is also increasing every day.