Nobel Peace Prize 2023 Shortlist Announced

30 Sep 2023
1 Minutes
Nobel Peace Prize 2023 Shortlist Announced

Henrik Urdal 2021 2.jpg

The director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Henrik Urdal, announced his shortlist today for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize, with human rights activists topping the list.

The whos’ shortlisted, Narges Mohammadi and Mahbouba Seraj ,Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Juan Carlos Jintiach,The International Court of Justice, Kyaw Moe Tun and Myanmar’s National Unity Consultative Council, Human Rights Data Analysis Group.

Each year, PRIO’s Director presents his own shortlist for the Nobel Peace Prize. He offers his opinion on the most worthy potential laureates, reflecting his independent, research-based assessment. The PRIO Director’s view on potential and worthy Nobel Peace Prize laureates is widely recognized and has been offered since 2002. Henrik Urdal presents his sixth list here since taking up the position of director in 2017.