UN: Continued violence is not the answer

28 Oct 2023
2 Minutes
UN: Continued violence is not the answer

The UN high commissioner for human right Volker Turk today said, “Last night’s bombardment and ground operations in Gaza by Israeli forces were reportedly the most intensive yet, taking this terrible crisis to a new level of violence and pain. Compounding the misery and suffering of civilians, Israeli strikes on telecommunications installations and subsequent Internet shutdown have effectively left Gazans with no way of knowing what is happening across Gaza and cut them off from the outside world”.

We remind all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law and international human rights law, He said.

The statement of Valker Turk added,” the bombing of the telecommunications infrastructure places the civilian population in grave danger. Ambulances and civil defence teams are no longer able to locate the injured, or the thousands of people estimated to be still under the rubble. Civilians are no longer able to receive updated information on where they can access humanitarian relief and where they may be in less danger. Many journalists can now no longer report on the situation”.

The UN high commissioner statement said, “we lost contact with our colleagues in Gaza last night. Our colleagues had already endured days and nights under the incessant bombardment of Gaza. They lost families, friends and homes in strikes that have killed several thousands in a mere three weeks and razed complete neighborhoods across Gaza. There is no safe place in Gaza and there is no way out. I am very worried for my colleagues, as I am for all civilians in Gaza”.

Turk said that continued violence is not the answer. I call on all parties as well as third States, in particular those with influence over the parties to the conflict, to do all in their power to de-escalate this conflict, and to work toward the goal where Israelis and Palestinians can fully enjoy all human rights and live side by side, in peace.