Human Rights Watch’s criticism of Pakistan’s misbehavior with Afghan immigrants

29 Nov 2023
2 Minutes
Human Rights Watch’s criticism of Pakistan’s misbehavior with Afghan immigrants

Human Rights Watch says that Pakistani police have sexually harassed Afghan women and girls.

Human Rights Watch has said in a report that Pakistani authorities have committed massive violations against Afghan citizens in order to force them to return to their country.

In the report of this organization, it is stated that the Pakistani police and authorities have started mass arrests, confiscation of property and destroyed their identity documents in order to deport migrants.

This organization also said in the report that the Pakistani police attack the houses of Afghan immigrants at night and beat them and then arrest them.

According to this organization, in addition to destroying the houses of Afghan immigrants, the Pakistani police also took bribes from them and confiscated their jewelry and other assets.

This organization quoted Afghan women as saying that the Pakistani police sometimes sexually harassed some women and girls and threatened them with rape.

Elaine Pearson, Asia Director of Human Rights Watch, said in this report: “Pakistani authorities have created a coercive environment for Afghans to force them to return in the dangerous conditions of Afghanistan.”

Pearson has stressed that Pakistani authorities must immediately end abuses against Afghan migrants and has asked the United States, Britain, Germany and Canada to speed up the resettlement process of at-risk Afghans living in Pakistan.

He said that among the Afghan citizens who are deported from Pakistan, there are those who were born in Pakistan and have never lived in Afghanistan.

In this report, the Asian director of Human Rights Watch also said that human rights activists and defenders, former government employees and journalists are also subject to persecution by being deported from Pakistan.

According to the statistics provided by the officials of the Ministry of Refugee Affairs, Taliban and Pakistani authorities, at least 400 thousand Afghan refugees have returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan since November 1.

This is despite the fact that human rights organizations had previously accused the government of Pakistan of violating human rights in connection with the forced deportation of immigrants without documents; But the Pakistani authorities have said that they have the right to deport illegal immigrants from that country.