Human Rights Watch: More women protesters are in the custody of the Taliban

1 Dec 2023
1 Minutes
Human Rights Watch: More women protesters are in the custody of the Taliban

Human Rights Watch says that the Taliban arbitrarily arrest, threaten and torture protesting women.

Human Rights Watch has said in a report recently (Thursday, 30 November) that Julia Parsi, Neda Parwani, Manijeh Sediqi and Parisa Azadah are four women’s rights activists who have been arbitrarily arrested by the Taliban.

In the report of this organization, it is stated that more women protestors are in the custody of the Taliban terrorist group; But no one, including their families, is aware of the condition of these imprisoned women.

Heather Barr and Sahar Fitrat, two members of this organization, said in this report that some of the families of these women, by hiding their detention by the Taliban, hope that their silence will lead to the release or torture of less activists.

This organization quoted protesting women as saying: “Our members are extremely worried about their safety and that of their families. They are under constant pressure and fear of arrest.”

These two human rights activists expressed their concern about the continuation of arbitrary arrests by Taliban forces and said that women are kept in bad conditions in Taliban prisons and in some cases they are harassed.

It is stated in this report: “The suppression of women by the Taliban continues. “They continue to issue new abusive policies and brutally implement their old policies.”

According to this report, it is now impossible for women to protest in Afghanistan even in a closed space, and this human rights organization once again asked the international community to stand by the Afghan protesting women.

This is despite the fact that women’s rights defenders have been worried about the arbitrary arrest and torture of protesting women by the Taliban.