Afghanistan Women’s Cooperation Organization: This Doha meeting is an incomplete project of the previous US talks with the Taliban

15 Feb 2024
3 Minutes
Afghanistan Women’s Cooperation Organization: This Doha meeting is an incomplete project of the previous US talks with the Taliban

At the same time as the Doha meeting on Afghanistan approaches, the women’s rights organization “Afghanistan Women’s Support” says that this meeting is an incomplete project of the previous talks between the US and the Taliban represented by Zalmay Khalilzad.

In a newsletter on Wednesday (16 February), the Afghan Women’s Cooperation Organization supported the position of the umbrella coordination council of the National Alliance of Afghan Women and wrote that the Doha meeting is being held in order to further strengthen the “Taliban on the bloody bodies of the Afghan people, especially women”.

In this newsletter, it is stated: “We boycott the holding of such anti-human rights meetings in any color and symbol, and we sincerely request human rights organizations and international legislators to agree with us and not allow Talib to do more than this.” The people of Afghanistan, especially Afghan women, should be oppressed.”

This institution has said that holding such meetings outside of Afghanistan is against the interests of the Afghan people.

However, the umbrella of the National Women’s Union of Afghanistan called the participation of the Taliban group in this meeting questionable and said that any interaction with the Taliban is “a kind of ransom to terrorism and a strong slap” on women and suffering people. It is Afghanistan.

They said that it is questionable for many people how the Taliban group can participate in a meeting hosted by the United Nations.

Meanwhile, a number of political currents in Afghanistan have announced in a joint statement that the invitation of the Taliban group to the Doha meeting “gives the group courage to continue its violent behavior more than before.”

In this announcement, it is stated that due to the widespread violation of human rights and the support of more than 20 terrorist groups by the Taliban in the country, by inviting this group in all international meetings outside Afghanistan, including the United Nations meeting in Qatar, the representation of the people Afghanistan will not happen.

This announcement states: “While the right of the people to determine their destiny with the votes of the people is one of the stable principles of the United Nations. The Taliban group has usurped the political sovereignty in Afghanistan by resorting to violence and coercion, and they have responded to any criticism of this group with repression and have violated the accepted demands of the international community and international principles.

Afghanistan’s political currents have asked the United Nations to provide the opportunity for the formation of a “legal government arising from the will of the Afghan people” by facilitating the presence of all political parties involved in the Doha meeting of this organization.


They have emphasized that considering the wishes of the people, cooperation of effective political currents and avoiding any kind of political-diplomatic interaction with the Taliban group are among the conditions for the success of the Doha meeting.

In this announcement, it is said: “The Taliban group has brought the criminal economy into its new stage by abusing mines and natural resources, extorting poor people under the name of taxes, and exploiting the sale and trafficking of drugs.” In such a situation, any kind of cooperation with the Taliban group has not benefited the people of Afghanistan, and on the contrary, it will strengthen this group in the path of deviating from humanitarian principles.

These statements are being made by the Afghan political currents and women’s rights organizations that the second meeting of the special representatives of the countries on Afghanistan affairs is scheduled to be held on Sunday and Monday next week in Doha, hosted by the United Nations Secretary General on Afghanistan, with the presence of the special representatives of the countries for Afghanistan. , civil society activists, women and officials of the caretaker government of Afghanistan will be held in Doha.It is said in this report: “After the Taliban took control of the World Bank, countries and aid agencies stopped all development aid in the health sector. Although humanitarian aid increased temporarily in 2021-2022, it faced a decrease in 2023, and this caused a shock to Afghanistan’s economy and health system. This crisis caused many health experts to leave Afghanistan or leave their jobs.

According to the report of Human Rights Watch, with the reduction of aid to Afghanistan’s health system after 2022, donor organizations focused only on immediate measures to prevent the total collapse of this system and the occurrence of a “worse disaster”.

Human Rights Watch has said that female employees in the health sector are forced to have a man with them as a mahram during their travels and to observe the Taliban’s strict hijab-related rules during working hours, and this creates obstacles in providing and receiving health services. Created.

This organization has asked the international community: in the upcoming meeting in Doha, which will be held with the presence of the special representatives of the countries for Afghanistan and hosted by the United Nations, they should put pressure on the Taliban headquarters in order to remove their restrictions on women, so that schools and universities Reopen to a million girls and the health sector in Afghanistan will not be destroyed.

The officials of the Taliban government have not reacted to this report so far; But they always reject the reports of international organizations and say that these reports are prepared without the opinions of Afghan citizens.