The message of female athletes: Taliban has destroyed the dreams of thousands of women and girl’s athletes

4 Mar 2024
3 Minutes
The message of female athletes: Taliban has destroyed the dreams of thousands of women and girl’s athletes

At the same time as the 8th of March, International Women’s Solidarity Day, is approaching, a number of female athletes in Afghanistan say that the Taliban have destroyed the dreams of thousands of women and girl’s athletes and suppressed them in the most brutal way possible.

The health and sports committee of the Purple Saturdays Movement has said in a statement today (Monday, 4 March) that the Taliban destroyed the dreams of thousands of women and girl’s athletes in Afghanistan and locked them in the four walls of their homes and suppressed women’s sports in the most cruel way possible. Is.

Women’s sports clubs have been closed in the country

They have said that after the Taliban regained power, they arrested a number of female athletes and after some time they released them after taking a written commitment and a huge financial guarantee, and closed women’s sports clubs in the country.

In the announcement of the Purple Saturday’s movement, it is stated that the Taliban have not only banned sports for women and girls in the country; Rather, by putting pressure on sportswomen and girls, they try to call their homes and warn them not to attend sports clubs again.

This movement has told male athletes: “Don’t do good service and don’t violate sports ethics. We expect you not to whitewash the black face of the Taliban by violating conscience, honor and sports ethics.

The Health and Sports Committee of the Purple Saturday’s movement said in this announcement: “Before the fall of the republican period in the country, sportswomen and girls used to celebrate International Women’s Solidarity Day from March 8 by holding competitions, large meetings and launching campaigns to eliminate violence against women. But for more than two years, not only women do not have the right to celebrate and cherish such days, but also, they are arrested and tortured just because they raise their voice to protest against the Taliban’s tyranny. “It has been more than four months that he is being tortured in the Taliban prison and we want his immediate release from the prison of this group.”

The members of this movement have said that the Taliban, in more than two years of their rule, dismissed the professional staff and women from the country’s sports departments and by appointing non-professional people and those who had fought against the people of Afghanistan in the past 20 years; The country’s sports have faced a downfall, so that hundreds of famous athletes, coaches and sports leaders have left the country or stayed at home.

Based on the announcement of the Purple Saturday’s movement, after the Taliban took control again, most of the female athletes have fled to Pakistan and Iran, and until now they are living in misery.

They ask the countries of the region and the world, the United Nations, the monitoring institutions and the so-called defenders of human rights and women’s rights, elites, leaders committed to Afghanistan and well-known figures of the world, that the voice of the millions of hostages and desperate citizens of Afghanistan and the direction of the end The gradual death, especially of women and forgotten sportswomen of Afghanistan, instead of ceremonial meetings and “fatherly advice” to the Taliban, support the formation of a “legitimate democratic and decentralized government”, which is an alternative to the self-proclaimed government of the Taliban.

This is despite the fact that the Taliban, after regaining control of Afghanistan, contrary to the promises of the leaders of this group in the Doha negotiations, have used the same strict laws against girls and women in the 90s, and this group has been killing Afghan girls and women for more than two and a half years. They have removed from the scenes of politics, sports and education.