Reopening schools; The wish of millions of girls in Afghanistan in the new academic year

17 Mar 2024
2 Minutes
Reopening schools; The wish of millions of girls in Afghanistan in the new academic year

At the same time as the school year is approaching in Afghanistan, a number of female students in the country say that the continued closing of school gates and staying at home has negatively affected the girls’ psyche and most of them have become depressed.

Less than four days left for the beginning of the new academic year in Afghanistan, and a number of female students and students have requested the reopening of schools and universities for girls.

Hosnia Gholami (pseudonym), one of the female students, in a conversation with the reporter of The Peace Window, says that it has been almost three years that girls above the sixth grade in Afghanistan have not been allowed to go to school by the Taliban group.

Mrs. Gholami added that the closing of schools in the country had negative effects on girls and this has caused most of them to suffer from depression.

He said that opening the gates of schools and going to school has now become one of the biggest dreams of female students.

Hawa Gol Hosni (pseudonym), another female student, said that the Taliban’s restrictions against girls and women have increased family violence and widened the scope of poverty among families.

Ms. Hosni emphasized that a number of families have forced their daughters into underage marriages due to poor economic conditions.

He added that he does not want to experience the bitter experience of the past two years and asked this Taliban group to open the gates of schools and universities to girls as soon as possible.

Song (pseudonym) Another student says: “I hope that I can go to school again next year; We got ready, we bought school uniforms, even booklets, pens, and books, and I am in contact with my friends.”

A number of Afghan citizens say that the religion of Islam assumes the acquisition of science and knowledge for both men and women, and depriving a segment of the society from education and work is disobedience to the religion of Islam.

Nowruz Ali, a resident of Kabul city, says that girls and women are half of the society and without their participation, the country will not progress.

Mr. Ali emphasized supporting and encouraging girls and the young generation instead of suppressing and excluding them from the society and said that if the Taliban’s goal is to rule, they should open the gates of educational centers to girls, otherwise the distance between the people and the Taliban government will increase.

Bashir, one of the residents of Bamyan Province, says that the people of Afghanistan have made significant progress in the field of science and knowledge during the past 20 years and they do not want their caravan of knowledge to stop.

Meanwhile, a number of university professors say that keeping the gates of schools and universities closed will cause more problems in the society.

However, schools for girls above the sixth grade were closed from the 24th of Asad in 1400, after the domination of the Taliban group in Afghanistan, and universities were also closed for girls at the end of the month of Arc in 1401, and this caused the strong reactions of the international community and institutions. included international

But; In this regard, the Taliban always said that closing the gates of schools and universities to girls is temporary and will be reopened soon. But three years have passed since these talks and there is still no word about the reopening of schools and universities in Afghanistan.