The Deputy Spokesperson of the United Nations: The new statements of the Taliban leader are disappointing

25 Mar 2024
2 Minutes
The Deputy Spokesperson of the United Nations: The new statements of the Taliban leader are disappointing

The Deputy Spokesperson of the United Nations, in response to the Taliban leader’s new statements about “stoning women” in public, says that these statements are extremely disappointing.

Farhan Haq, the Deputy Spokesperson of the United Nations recently (Monday, 25 March) in a press conference in response to the new words of Taliban leader Hebatullah Akhundzadeh about “stoning women” in public, said that these statements are “extremely disappointing.”

Mr. Haq added: “As you know, we have continuously expressed our concerns about mistreatment of women under the Taliban regime. We still demand the cancellation of those decrees.”

The deputy spokesperson of the United Nations says in a press conference that they will continue to press for equal rights for women in Afghanistan and all countries.

In this regard, the Union of Human Rights Activists, in response to the recent statements of the leader of the Taliban group regarding the implementation of Sharia laws, including the public stoning of women and whipping, says that the international community should not ignore this disgusting act of the Taliban group.

This union said today by publishing a statement that the Taliban have committed such crimes in the past without a court order.

The declaration of this union states that the Taliban terrorist group is doomed to be destroyed and asked the world community and international institutions not to ignore this despicable act of the Taliban group.

At the same time, a number of protesting women say that the Taliban leader’s recent statements are caused by the opposition of this group to the fundamental and human rights of the country’s citizens.

Azita Nazimi, a member of the Afghan Women’s Unity and Solidarity team, said in a video tape that the little hope that women and girls had for securing their rights, including the reopening of schools and universities, turned into despair.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Taliban, Hebatullah Akhundzadeh, in an audio tape that was released yesterday, emphasizes the punishment of accused people in public and says that this group carries out “hudud” and “stones” women in public.

He criticized the values of Western human rights and women’s freedom and said that the religious scholars of the Taliban will continuously resist the West and its form of democracy in Afghanistan.

However, these statements of the Taliban leader have faced widespread reactions from the country’s citizens, politicians, civil society activists, and human rights organizations.