Purple Saturday Movement: We want to monitor Taliban prisons

6 Apr 2024
2 Minutes

In a statement, the members of the Purple Saturday’s movement demanded the monitoring of Taliban prisons.

Photo: submitted to The Peace Window

The members of the Purple Saturday’s movement published a statement today (Saturday, 6 April) and said that a number of protesting women and political and civil activists are in Taliban prisons, whose names have not been published in the media so far.

In this declaration, the members of this movement, with the slogan “Taliban prisons are torture places for men and women”, still consider the condition of these prisons as “extremely deplorable” and say that the Taliban group wants to “instill fear” with the predetermined “forced confession” of Manijeh Siddiqui. and more intimidation among the Afghan people; especially women create.

In this announcement, it is stated that Mrs. Sediqi was forced to confirm the words of the Taliban and say that she was not tortured in order to be freed.

They emphasized that instead of responding to “crimes and oppression” against the country’s citizens, the Taliban have followed the example of the Iranian regime and forced confessions from prisoners.

The members of this movement demanded the recognition of women’s human rights and freedoms and said that political prisoners, journalists, former soldiers, civil and human rights activists should be released from Taliban prisons unconditionally.

In this regard, Samira Hamidi, a member of Amnesty International, wrote on her X page: “Bringing Manijeh Seddiqi in front of the media and denying possible torture and mistreatment of him is a new tactic of the Taliban.”

Meanwhile, Naira Kohestani, one of the women’s rights activists, said that the Taliban-controlled media showed a woman who pleaded for her rights “as a criminal” on television by broadcasting a forced confession video.

According to him, the broadcast of the forced confession video of Manijeh Siddiqui shows “nothing but humiliation” of the Taliban.

However, on Thursday, 16 Hamal, during a press conference pre-arranged by the Taliban group in Polcharkhi prison under the administration of this group, Manijeh Sediqi said that he was not tortured and asked to be released from prison.

The intelligence forces of the Taliban group arrested Manijeh Siddiqui on the 17th of last year on the charge of setting fire to the picture of the leader of the Taliban group, and he is still in the prison of this group.