US State Department: Violation of human rights by the Taliban in Afghanistan continues

23 Apr 2024
3 Minutes
US State Department: Violation of human rights by the Taliban in Afghanistan continues

In its annual report on the human rights situation in Afghanistan, the US State Department has said that due to the policies of the Taliban, women’s rights have significantly worsened for nearly three years, and they are now confined to the four walls of the house.

The US Department of State published its annual report on the state of human rights in the world in 2023 on Monday (22  April), and in this report, the widespread violation of human rights, including the killing and torture of people, is mentioned in Afghanistan.

When presenting this report, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the Taliban group in Afghanistan continued to violate human rights last year, including corporal punishment of people accused of immoral behavior in Afghanistan.

Mr. Blinken added that according to the statements of the Taliban group regarding the temporary closure of schools and universities for girls, no decree has yet been issued regarding women’s education or work, and this group has always claimed that girls and women in different sectors they are working.

In this report, he has emphasized that in the last two years, orders have been issued by the officials of the Taliban group in Afghanistan, which are in conflict with all international laws and conventions.

Referring to cases of arbitrary killings and arrests, recruitment of children in armed conflicts, censorship of the media by the Taliban, the US State Department in this report added that there is widespread disregard for the creation of laws and official immunity for those responsible for human rights violations in Afghanistan. .

In this report, the Secretary of State of the United States has pointed to the recent report of the Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the report of the Secretary General of the United Nations on Afghanistan and emphasized that there are numerous reports that the Taliban and members of the Daesh group commit arbitrary killings and have become illegal, and many of them are revenge against the officials of the previous government of Afghanistan.

Based on this report, ISIS continues to disproportionately target the Hazara people, who are mainly of the Shiite religion, and nearly 800 cases of human rights violations by the military and former government officials have been documented in this report by US officials. .

In this report, referring to the facelessness of Alia Azizi, one of the former soldiers of Afghanistan, it is stated that the Taliban are responsible for the forced disappearance. And the group has so far not established a formal system of accountability for abuses or killings, nor is there any independent agency authorized to investigate abuses and killings in the country.

In this report, the US foreign minister said that based on the findings of this country, Polcharkhi prison in Kabul has inappropriate conditions and according to the announcement of the International Committee of the Red Cross that they will provide three meals for 12 thousand prisoners in 2022 and organizations Humanitarians donated blankets, shawls, jackets and socks to keep the prisoners warm during the winter; But the Taliban group reported in January that at least 120 prisoners died due to the cold.

The US State Department has said in its report that 90% of Taliban prisoners are political and this group has arrested most of the Afghan citizens arbitrarily without a clear legal basis and in the absence of legal protection mechanisms.

According to this report, last year, the Taliban kept people in long-term detention without any judicial process and systematically violated their right to have a lawyer.

According to the US State Department, almost all cases of Taliban arrests were “unjustly” because these arrests were not clearly related to the law and the accused were not informed about the reason for their arrest and the charges they face.

According to this report, the Taliban group declared the constitution of the previous government to be abolished and did not even introduce a new constitution to replace it, and as a result, they made the judicial processes in the country appear ambiguous and arbitrary.

It is stated in this report that the Taliban group burned the houses of the Hazara people in Uruzgan province, cut down their fruit trees and confiscated their lands. It is added in the report that according to the elders of the tribe, at least 13 Hazara residents have been killed in one of the villages of this province in the last two years in opposition to “the cruel laws of the Taliban against them”.

This report is published while the Taliban group has blocked the gates of schools and universities for girls and also closed the work for women in non-governmental and non-governmental institutions.

But; In this regard, the Taliban always said that closing the gates of schools, universities and work to women is temporary and will be reopened soon; But three years have passed since these talks and there is still no word about the reopening of schools and universities in Afghanistan.