Amnesty International: Journalists arrested by the Taliban must be released unconditionally

26 Apr 2024
2 Minutes
Amnesty International: Journalists arrested by the Taliban must be released unconditionally

Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders have demanded the release of four journalists arrested in Khost and Ghazni provinces.

In response to the arrest of 3 journalists from Khost Province and one journalist in Ghazni Province, Amnesty International has written in a newsletter today (Friday, 7 April) that no journalist should be arrested and imprisoned for doing his duty.

This organization has said that the Taliban group must prevent the complete destruction of freedom of expression in Afghanistan and must release the detained journalists unconditionally.

This international organization has asked the media violations commission of the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Taliban group to allow two television channels (Baria and Noor) whose broadcasts have been suspended and allow them to operate again.

In this regard, Reporters Without Borders has requested the release of four private radio and two television reporters.

In a newsletter, this organization named Ismail Sadat, Vahidullah Masoum Habib al-Rahman Taseer and Ehsanullah Tesal and asked for permission to operate Noor and Beria TVs.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Affairs confirms that the Taliban group has arrested three journalists in Khost for playing music and calling women in entertainment programs and will present them to the court.

The head of the well-known Taliban group in Khost province has said in a statement that it advised the media in this province to refrain from publishing music in the programs and also calling women in entertainment programs; But according to this directorate, some media have violated this order.

Meanwhile, the Committee to Protect Journalists has also asked the Taliban group to release these journalists unconditionally and has emphasized that considering the first promises of the Taliban group to allow the freedom of the press, repression with numerous cases of censorship, beatings, And arbitrary arrests of journalists, as well as restrictions on female journalists, have become “worse.”

However, the Taliban group arrested Naz Radio reporter Ismail Saadat, Iqra Radio reporter Vahidullah Masoom, and Iqra Radio reporter Ehsanullah Tasal on Monday last week.

Based on the reports published during the more than two and a half years of Taliban rule, more than half of the registered media in Afghanistan have been closed and most of the journalists have left their jobs.

At the same time, Amnesty International has added that the space for freedom of expression has been greatly reduced by the continuous attacks of the Taliban group, and since August of last year, more than 80% of female journalists have left the media due to the increase in restrictions by the Taliban.