Girls left out of education; Due to the reduction of mental and emotional pressures, we turned to artistic works

14 May 2024
3 Minutes

A number of male and female students say that after schools and universities were closed to them, they turned to painting and artistic works due to the reduction of mental and emotional pressure.

A number of girls who have turned to painting said in a conversation with the reporter of The Peace Window media that through painting they can reflect the pain and suffering of women in the society.

Photo: A student painting at national and international exhibition in Kabul – The Peace Window

Nafisa Ahmadi (pseudonym), one of the students who participated in the national and international exhibition of Afghanistan on the occasion of the industry week in Kabul, says in this conversation that when the gates of schools were closed to girls, she turned to the art of painting in order to express her desires through language. Express art and painting.

Mrs. Ahmadi added: “Women and girls in Afghanistan have been suffering a lot since three years and their voices have never been heard. I want to show the suffering of an Afghan woman through my art.”

By stating that the art of painting is the best way to reduce mental and emotional pressures in the current situation, he emphasized that painting is not only an image, but also a concept that expresses human desires in the form of paintings and images.

Khatira Hosseini (pseudonym), is in charge of one of the art workshops in the west of Kabul and said in this conversation that the purpose of participating in such national and international exhibitions in Kabul is to showcase the talents of girls who have the right to education.

Mrs. Hosseini added that girls have the right to study and not to stay at home. He emphasized that after schools and universities were closed to girls, a large number of girls have turned to the art of painting and artistic works.

He added: “I have been teaching painting for women and girls in a workshop for eight years, and during this time, women and girls did not turn to painting with a particular interest, and each of them paints for a specific purpose.”

Mrs. Hosseini says that so far the students of this workshop have created more than a hundred works of art and many of them have been able to sell their works.

Khojaste Yaqoubi, another participant in this exhibition, welcomes the holding of such national and international exhibitions and says that such exhibitions can be useful in introducing products produced by women.

Mrs. Yaqoubi asked the Taliban group and all businessmen and investors of the country to make serious efforts in the field of domestic production and institutionalization of the consumption of domestic products, and to continue to support the women of the country and provide them with work.

Officials of the national and international exhibition in this event say that this exhibition is divided into 800 booths, displaying domestic products and productions in different sectors, of which 200 booths are for women and the rest are for men.

Officials and participants of this exhibition demanded from the Taliban group to open the gates of schools and universities to girls and say that the field of education and education of girls should be provided as soon as possible.

However, schools for girls above the sixth grade were closed from the 24th of Asad in 1400, after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and universities were also closed for girls at the end of the month of Arc in 1401, and this caused the strong reactions of the international community and institutions. included international

But; In this regard, the Taliban always said that closing the gates of schools and universities to girls is temporary and will be reopened soon. But three years have passed since these talks and there is still no word about the reopening of schools and universities in Afghanistan.