Exhibiting; The desire of girls with the language of the art of painting

31 Mar 2024
A number of female artists, by launching a painting exhibition titled "Pencil Unspeakable" in Kabul, asked the Taliban to reopen schools and universities for girls as soon as possible.

Global Music Diplomacy Initiative Unveiled at State Department Event in Washington, D.C.

30 Sep 2023
Quincy Jones received the inaugural Peace Through Music Award from the State Department and The Recording Academy.

International day of access to information and information challenges under Taliban rule in Afghanistan

28 Sep 2023
The International Federation of Journalists said on Thursday (28 Oct) on the occasion of the "World Access to Information Day" that the access to information in Afghanistan has reached its lowest level and the lack of access to information will put the "society in the dark". 

Sunt libero et qui consequatur laborum est

22 Aug 2021
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