Hazaras are in the front line of Genocide!

8 Nov 2023
Today at a bomb blasted ripped through in Dasht-e-Barchi district Kabul, killed at least seven civilians and wounded 20 others. Richard Bennett United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan denounced the bombing, said it was the third attack in less than a month against members of the Hazara commu...

Interaction with the Taliban; Political interests or human rights values

8 Oct 2023
 The Taliban group that violates human rights and any interaction with this group without respecting the human rights of the Afghan people will not have any value.

Taliban policy; Intentional weakening of the educational structure of women in Afghanistan

28 Sep 2023
Persistence of deprivation of girls from education causes social problems and weakens access. Women look for educational opportunities in the country. Creating this situation is the main goal of the Taliban.

The challenge of global human rights

27 Sep 2023
In the field of human rights, the importance of which has always been emphasized is the right of the individual.  Meanwhile, human dignity can be a part of a person's rights that includes his personality. 

Sunt libero et qui consequatur laborum est

22 Aug 2021
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