Girls left out of education; Due to the reduction of mental and emotional pressures, we turned to artistic works

14 May 2024
A number of male and female students say that after schools and universities were closed to them, they turned to painting and artistic works due to the reduction of mental and emotional pressure.

18 Taurus; The third anniversary of the bloody explosion on the Sayed Al-Shuhada school girls’ school in the west of Kabul

7 May 2024
On the third anniversary of the attack on the school, the officials of Sayed Al-Shuhada school and the families of the martyrs have asked the Taliban to provide security and reopen schools for girls.

International Press Freedom Day and concern about the intensifying repression of journalists in Afghanistan

3 May 2024
At the same time as the World Press Freedom Day approaches, a number of journalists say that after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, their problems and challenges have not yet been resolved and journalists are oppressed by the Taliban every day.

Attack on Herat worshipers; UNAMA called for immediate measures to protect the Shia community in Afghanistan

30 Apr 2024
The Office of the United Nations Deputy Mission in Afghanistan has condemned the attack on worshipers in Herat province and has called for immediate measures to protect Shiites in the country.

Amnesty International: Journalists arrested by the Taliban must be released unconditionally

26 Apr 2024
Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders have demanded the release of four journalists arrested in Khost and Ghazni provinces.