Arrest of 800 Afghan refugees by police forces in Pakistan

2 Oct 2023
Express Tribune has reported that Pakistani security forces have arrested 800 Afghan refugees from Islamabad and other parts of the country due to lack of legal documents during an operation. This report was published on Sunday (May 9) and it is further stated that this operation was carried out by the Counter-Terrorism Department (...

International day of access to information and information challenges under Taliban rule in Afghanistan

28 Sep 2023
The International Federation of Journalists said on Thursday (28 Oct) on the occasion of the "World Access to Information Day" that the access to information in Afghanistan has reached its lowest level and the lack of access to information will put the "society in the dark". 

The difficult situation and the escalation of the process of arresting Afghan refugees in Pakistan

28 Sep 2023
After the recent developments in the last two years and the increase of humanitarian and economic crises in Afghanistan, millions of people for various reasons, including during the stages of refugee cases, rescue from unemployment, poverty and hunger, lack of education and the current ruling situation in the country,  More migrated to Pakistan than ever before.