About Us

13 Sep 2023

A group of writers and journalists suggested to establish a media for peace and human rights the name of the Peace Window to promote peace and human rights values in Afghanistan.

The Peace Window is a journalistic, scientific and educational publication in peace and human rights. The objective of the Peace Window is a window toward promoting peace and rule of human rights values in Afghanistan, which was established with this objective a decade ago. It has been publishing physically and digitally continuously in Afghanistan covering the related issues.

After the collapse of Afghanistan on 15 August 2021, the Peace Window publication was stopped, but it began its online publication through its website and social media pages in exile following its goal and objectives.

The Peace Window is the only publication in Afghanistan that has expertise in human rights and peace that has been working independently in these areas since its establishment.

The Peace Window was established on 30 March 2015 with a register number of 185 with the Ministry of Culture and Information in Afghanistan and joined the media family in Afghanistan. It was publishing and distributing 3000 copies weekly covering news, reports, and articles towards peace building and human rights matters, including caricature with a subject of the week to its readers.

The Peace Window has been established based on the Afghan Constitution and it has been working independently to promote the human rights, peace, freedom of speech, rule of law, justice, civil rights to bring positive change to the life of the Afghan people.

The goal of the Peace Window is not only to promote the human rights in Afghanistan, but also in the world.

For further information, you can contact us at:

E-mail: info@thepeacewindow.com – peacewindow7@gmail.com
Phone: +1 (431) 388-4140