World Museum and Cultural Heritage Day; Increasing concerns about the destruction of historical monuments in Afghanistan

7 hours ago
After the collapse of the republican system and the return to power of the Taliban group in the year 1400, concerns about the protection of Afghanistan's national and ancient monuments have increased. The cultural department of the United Nations (UNESCO) addressed the Taliban in a statement and demanded the protection of Afghanistan's cultural heritage.

With the ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan, marriages of girls under the age of 25 have increased by 25%, says UN Women

25 May 2024
The United Nations Women has said in a report that after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, marriages of girls under the age of 25 have increased by 25%.

Deadly floods in Ghor;The historical Minaret of Jam in Ghor is being destroyed

23 May 2024
Following the recent deadly floods in Ghor province, the local officials of the Taliban group confirmed to the reporter of Peace Window that the recent floods have threatened the destruction and collapse of Jam Minar and added that they have sent a team to the area to investigate.

Girls left out of education; Due to the reduction of mental and emotional pressures, we turned to artistic works

14 May 2024
A number of male and female students say that after schools and universities were closed to them, they turned to painting and artistic works due to the reduction of mental and emotional pressure.

Taliban banned cooperation with Afghanistan International news channel

9 May 2024
The Taliban Media Violation Commission has announced that the broadcasts of the Afghanistan International TV channel are banned in Afghanistan and have warned analysts, experts and journalists to refrain from participating in discussions and cooperation with this media. In a statement today (Thursday, 9 May), the commission for dealin...